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Zigong hongYu Art media Co., Ltd is specialized in lantern art, the machine dinosaur, dinosaur fossils, simulation animal research and development projects such as professional company in design, research, production, sales, display in one of the Company as Zigong Lantern Festival is known world, home of the famous dinosaur and dinosaur lanterns enterprises with innovative design, quality products, excellent service and integrity of business ideas to maximize the products meet a variety of customer specific requirements, and lantern and dinosaurs with the industry to create a good reputation and brand.

In the new century, the company keeping pace with the times; researchers and artists to develop research making use of modern high-tech micro-computer digital control technology, using the latest digital control technology chip, successfully developed new generation control module, financial sound , light, dynamic, color, shape in one, may at any time based on user requirements, arbitrary changes to the product control procedures; to more satisfied customers, so that the transformation products richer, more dynamic reality, so that the ancient folk art and cultural glow the charm of a new era, a more perfect reproduction of dinosaurs 200 million years ago, the mysterious wonders of the world.

hong Yu-art products industry companies as well-known companies, its main products and machine lights dinosaur, dinosaur fossils and other recent sales river north and south, are exported all over the world; with the dozens of cities at home and abroad organized a large, medium, color Light exhibition, various types of machinery dinosaur, dinosaur fossils and scenes production experience and ability, and years of production history, summed up the planning, operation, design, production, exhibition experience, being partners with a highly praised and trust . Outreach in the country has Changchun, Nanjing, Hefei, Guangzhou, Jinan, Shanghai and other cities; create a good social and economic benefits; in the continuous light group 20 years, while Taiwan's exports, and Taiwan customers to establish a close and sincere trust partnerships, a number of occasions in recent years has exported to South Korea, the United States and many other countries, has in Seoul, Daegu, sleep Island and other places on display, highly praised by local people, representatives of Zigong Lantern industry in 2006, for the first time visit to Los Angeles on display by the warm welcome foreign friends ......

hong Yu will determined in the lantern, machinery dinosaur industry R & D, innovation and development, make the world a friend, hand in hand with our clients to build a gorgeous, bright Chinese lantern exhibition, to revitalize the mysterious wonders of the world of dinosaurs. Let the Chinese ancient culture and vivid lights dinosaur wonders as the emissary of peace to the world peace and stability in the world has built a bridge of friendship.

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Zigong Lantern Festival and Lantern Simulation dinosaur and skeleton