Prehistoric paintings of dinosaurs found in Peru

 The OPA( the abbreviation of the Out of  Place Artifacts) point from the geologic strata that the mankind did not appear the past in the artificial thing of the detection, to this, many readers are not unfamiliar, the newspapers and magazines published many articles of this aspect before.But, discover the prehistoric dinosaur painting but make person marvel more in Peru.Engrave the mankind on a cake of" the card cloth thunder pulls the stone" at fight down the inclined and horizontal Lizard  scene of the second eyes dragon.The dinosaur ground discover in the Palpa of Peru that first time is public painting, top of it is overlord's dragon that image was think.                                  资讯科技是使第二条眼睛龙的一幅恐龙的画倾向的和水平线蜥蜴到是想 A painting of dinosaur of the Triceratops。

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